Bus Routes









Huck Hicks

CHS/CES, Moorefield Bottom, Crooked Branch Hwy #63 to Sun, Dante, Bunch Town, Post Office, Old School, Hwy #63 to Bear Wallow.


Nancy Hileman

CHS, CES, Wise St., Bray Hill, 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue, Bull Hill, Bull Run, Patrick Road, Poor Boy Auto, Hamilton Trailer Park, Dry Fork, Hall Hollow, Russell Creek Road.


Hazel Williams

Copper Creek School, CHS/CES, Dante Road on Hwy #63, Hanging Rock, Gravel Lick, Jim Brown Hollow, Eagle's Nest, Carterton.


Jim Williams

CHS/CES, Rolling Hills, Valley Drive, Porter's Trailer Park, Trout Pond, Red Oak Ridge Road, Reeds Valley, Clairmont Estates, Castlewood Heights, Carterton Road, Middle Valley Carterton Road.


Kim Osborne

CHS/CES, Quarry Road, White Street to Circle Drive, Parsonage Lane, Copper Creek School, Culberson Lane, Farm Supply, Westwood Drive, N. 71, Seven Springs Hollow Road, Booker Road, Willis Hollow, Century Farm Road, N. 71 to Hwy #58, Old Lone Star, Old Courthouse, Upper Copper Creek to Moccasin Road.


Peggy Keith

CHS/CES, Copper Creek School, 71 S., Ridgeway Road, Miracle Lane, Ridgeway Road to Freddy Meade's, 71 S., Moccasin Ridge Road, Low Water Bridge, Lower Copper Creek, Grassy Creek Church, 71 S.
32 Roger Robinson CHS/CES, Honey Branch, Bunch Town, Post Office in Dante, Straight Hollow, Sawmill Hollow, Roanoke Hill.
38 Mona Hylton CHS/CES, Copper Ridge, Red Bud Hollow, Warren Baker Drive, Grassy Creek, 71 S., Bear Wallow, Sonny Point, Johnson Settlement.


 Raymond Trent  CHS/CES, All of Memorial Drive from the High School to Valley Drive (Wohlford's Trailer Park, Meade's Addition, Farr Street, Chafin Trailer Park). Rose House, Seven Springs, Ring's Chapel Church, Rt. #58 to Fletcher's Lane, Sulpher Springs, Honaker's Chapel Road, BB Campbell's, Flats, Davis' Memorial.
52 Barbara Phillips

CHS/CES, Day Care beside Morgan McClure Chevrolet, West View Heights, Stop and Shop, Banner's Corner Rd., Rt. #65, Ervin Town, Hazel Osborne Drive, Rt. #65 to North Mill Hollow, on Rt. 65 to Sunny Point to South Mill Hollow, on #65 to Scott County Line, Chestnut Ridge Circle, Castle Run.

58 Freddy Holbrook

CHS/CES, Rt. #58 to top of Buzzard Roost, Rt. 58 back to CHS, Shuler's Dr., Block Plant, Couch's Bottom, Griffith Street, Long View Heights, Brick Church Circle, Mew Grocery, Down #65, Old #65, Buffalo, Burton's Ford.

62 Rebecca Slate

CHS/CES, West Hills Estates, South St. Paul, Frosty Road, River Road, Mud Hole Store, Old Castlewood, Winchester Street, Luttie Banner Drive, Boody Road, Herald's Valley, Dorado Drive.

65 Alice Collins

Copper Creek School, CHS/CES, Rt. 58 from Buzzard's Roost to Dingus Hollow, Dingus Hollow, High Point, Moll's Creek, Porter Hollow, Blanche Davis Hollow.